19 July 2015

Temporarily Closed

Much appreciation for your visit to this site but it is currently closed. Whether its temporarily closed or permanent I will decide soon as I had opened another site NNN Mobile . The purpose of this Desmond in Motion site last time was to post images to this blog as I moved executing my daily duties. Understandably, postings those times were through the email via MMS but as technological advances are made via smartphones and apps it has become redundant which is why NNN came about. However I do enjoy my past posts and will maintain it for a while before I make my decision.

Thank you again.

03 August 2009

Post Regatta Rock

We celebrated Sri Aman's second placing during the Regatta Khas DiRaja inter Division. Sri Aman got second placing for the special royal race. The party was held at Hoover Hotel Sri Aman where we party all nite long.

02 August 2009

Time Out

Maxmillan sings 'Patah Ke Lidi' song during a get together session in Sri Aman. It is seen that TV karaokes are not a norm in Sri Aman. One has to memorise the lyrics and sing to the live band. Karaokes are for the less skilled singers here. Luckily I left the place quickly coz i don't do Karaokes or Live band. I am more of a pro at snoring in my sleep.

15 June 2009

At An Accident scene

A Proton Wira driven by a SALCRA staff was struck by a bus BARAM in front of SK Semukoi near Balai Ringin this morning. The Proton driver died on the spot. It was said that the bus driver escaped with a slight injury. The bus was heading towards Serian while the Proton Wira was headed towards Balai Ringin. It was a head on collision.

01 June 2009

Celebrating Gawai

The Gawai Celebration in Sarawak kicks off with various traditional ceremonies. I am propelled to look for some glimpse of Internet Connection to publish the 'Sandau Ari' Ceremony which is part of Gawai. This involves the offerings to the spirits with some sacrificial practices of a pig and chicken. Also it involves the inspection of the slaughtered pig's heart.

30 May 2009

Sending Gawai Greetings

View from my Longhouse...its lovely to share if there is Internet and Communication connectivity. There is but at a small town of Song which is 20 minutes away from my longhouse. The signal is strong enough to reach the Internet Zone but with some effort. I have to go the distance to be able to access Internet.

26 May 2009

Doing Aerobics

During the official meeting in Limbang for GLCs, Statutory Bodies and Local Authorities, an aerobics session was organised by the Limbang Residen Office at the Limbang Waterfront. Those at the exercise known as Senamrobik dan Senaman Kenyalang included YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot, YBhg Datin Theresa Toyat and most Head of Departments and senior government officials.

21 May 2009

Meeting Song Lady

The Sarawak Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism Ministry coordinated its Sarawak TTG Meeting today. I manage to meet Ms Diana Corazon Blikau and Mr. Akoi who are working hard to make the meeting a success. Congrats to our lady who hails from Song who is new the Ministry. Congrats also to Mr. Akoi also for his transfer to Betong.

Attending TTG Meeting

The State Level Tourism Task Group is meeting to prepare for the 10th Malaysian Plan. The meeting was chaired by the YB Minister for Tourism Datuk Michael Manyin. Also present at the meeting was the YBhg Datu Ose Murang,the Ministry's new Permanent Secretary.

15 May 2009

YB Malcom Speaks

YB Encik Malcom Mussen for N.29 Batang Ai gave his maiden message in the Dewan Undangan Negeri today.